Mar 16

Now Offering High-Speed SSD Storage for your Cloud

New SSD Tier of Storage Offered

On our cloud hosted environment we have traditionally used enterprise-class SAS hard drives.  These drives are very fast and very reliable.  These high-end drives also allow for a very high level of fault tolerance to help prevent data loss. 

In this day and age, fast isn’t fast enough.  Some of our modern applications require more and more speed.  This is why Bay State Integrated Technology, Inc. is now offering a brand new tier of storage to meet this demand.  Our new enterprise-class SSD (solid state drive) tier of storage on our hosted cloud environments, will provide the same level of reliability and redundancy with lightning fast performance.  These are some of the fastest drives on the planet, and they are now available to our customers.

Yet another great benefit to hosting your SMB (small to midsize business) on our cloud:  You can get the enterprise-class equipment without the enterprise price tag.

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