Managed Services

We focus on technology so you can focus on your business. With fully managed services offerings, you can stop worrying about what might go wrong or what things might cost when they do go wrong. One flat fee and you’re covered for all your technology infrastructure maintenance and repair needs.

ID-10084288We offer a wide range of managed technical services including (but not limited to): System Upgrades, Network Architecture Design, Network Hardware Installation, Server Setup and Integration, Software Configuration, Email and Database Server Design and Management, System Monitoring, and Network Maintenance and Auditing.

Through the use of secure remote control technology the majority of all work can be done remotely from our office in southeastern MA, we also provide onsite services for our clients in the Boston/Providence areas as well.

Server Health Audits

Regular maintenance is key to providing a high level of uptime for any computer system. We not only check to make sure your systems are in good health today, but are in a good health for the road ahead. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart in helping prevent downtime on your systems.

Augmented IT Staff

Our high level of expertise makes us perfect for those businesses with existing IT Departments where we offer Level 3/Level 4 services. Our highly skilled technical expertise can be used to assist your IT staff with unusual projects or upgrades, or act as support to your support staff.

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