Server Hosting


Replace your existing server with a state of the art datacenter class server with no upfront capital expenditure and only pay for what you use, when you use it!

Enterprise Class Hardware at Small Business Costs

Modern businesses can’t function without the proper infrastructure, the problem is what you really need, can be very expensive. High-end servers are very costly and have a useful lifespan of only 3-5 years. This often leads small businesses either purchasing servers that are too under powered to meet their needs, or using the servers far longer than the recommended 3-5 years. Small businesses typically have limited funds, so this is completely understandable.

Hosted Servers provide a new option to small businesses. Your data can reside on really high-end, enterprise-class servers. Instead of worrying about paying the upfront capital expenditures, you only worry about paying for the resources you use on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Let Us Worry about the Infrastructure

Modern servers get hot and use a lot of power. They require a lot of cooling to keep the internal temperatures down as well as uninterrupted power when the lights go out. Between the costs of the equipment, and the complexities of modern networking & security, it is a full time job. Hosting your data in Bay State Integrated Technology’s cloud frees you from having to worry about any of these headaches.


IT Security is much more than installing a firewall on the network and installing anti-virus software. In the Bay State Integrated Technology cloud, highly secure enterprise firewalls, centrally monitored anti-virus, and physically secure servers are just the beginning. Our IT Security professionals have years of experience thinking about all the ways the bad guys can get to your data. For managed servers, we also do security auditing to make sure your software and data folders are secured like they should be to minimize the chance of a compromise. At Bay State Integrated Technology, we are constantly keeping security in mind when implementing any solution.

Enterprise Level Redundancies For Minimal Downtime

Things break, whether they are hard drives, or battery backup UPS (uninterrupted power supply). We expect these things to fail at some point, so we build in redundancies that make any single failure a minor issue. Our servers access power using multiple power supplies, and use multiple UPS. When there is a power failure, our generator systems keep everything up and running at full capacity.

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